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Born in London, moving to Essex at a young age.

Initial passion for art came to flourishion around age of 7 mainly in the form of drawing animation, my artwork improved and I continued to draw throughout my early years, but as a teenager my interests and life took me down an alternate path.

30yrs later and around 2 years ago I picked up a pencil, ignited my passion once more, and decided to try literally EVERYTHING.

I have a passion for the extreme which I believe reflects in my work producing mix media art with a slant towards impressionist, realism and a little abstract at times, which often is an intepretation of the creative world I choose to live in.

After posting on Facebook & Instagram, I started to get requests to buy my art so here I am.

I currently produce my work from my home studio based in Hullbridge Essex UK.

Hope you enjoy my art, be kind and live life to the full.

Take care


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